Dividing partition in 15mm Polypropylene sheets (plastic) with aluminum profile completion, fastening profiles, with curtain rod.

Water resistant material in 15mm polypropylene sheets (plastic), white color, finished in aluminum profiles, trims, clamping profile, curtain rod, microfiber curtain, brackets, brackets, fasteners.
Ideal for humid sectors. Cladding composed of profiles obtained from the extrusion of PVC compounds. The internal reinforcements give it rigidity, thus offering considerable resistance to impact, and its air chambers ensure an interesting thermal and acoustic insulation. Its snap-in system makes its installation quick and easy. Impermeability. Its resistance to humidity is RH 95.

● Low risk of deformation
● Maintenance-free.
● Washable with detergent and water without risk of deterioration and aging. It is immune to corrosion and does not stain. Resistant to acids, alcohols, limes, and being a synthetic material, it does not form fungus.

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